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Informational and Support Groups


  • Chicago Area Families for Adoption (CAFFA):

  • North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC): A great resource for adoption is which has information as well as links to other resources for adoption as well as assistance with financing adoption, educational information on special needs and disabilities, search and reunion, and child welfare policy and legislation:

  • Parenting Workshops:  The Cradle offers a series of workshops to support families connected through adoption. These are open to any family, whether they adopted through The Cradle or not: for information go to:

  • E-Learning Classes (Online classes) by Adoption Learning Partners which was founded by The Cradle offers an array of interactive, e-learning courses that will increase each participant's understanding of the joys and challenges of adoption. Families preparing to adopt as well as those who have already done so will find useful information on such important topics as attachment, talking with your children about adoption and issues involved with adopting across racial lines. For more info go to:

Information on International Adoption

The U.S. Department of State maintains a great website that provides an overview of International Adoption and country specific information at:


Social Security Numbers

If you are in the middle of a pending domestic adoption and need a social security number for your child in order to file your tax return, you can apply for a temporary nine digit number issued by the IRS. For more information and a copy of the application visit the IRS website and search under ATIN or click on the link below.

Information on Adoption Tax Credit


U.S. Citizenship: Information on How to Get Certificate of Citizenship After An International Adoption


For Passport Information

Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange


Informational Resourcea new resource from GLAD, COLAGE, Family Equality and NCLR to answer some of the many questions from LGBTQ families:

Informational Resources Regarding Infertility:

  • InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc (INCIID)

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