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How do I get a social security number for a pending adoption?

Find out if you can apply for an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN): The answer may differ depending on whether your adoption was a domestic adoption or and international adoption. See the below link to the IRS Q & A:,,id=96452,00.html

What is Re-Adoption?

Upon returning to the United States, many adoptive parents go through the process of adopting the same child in an adoption proceeding here in their home state this process is called a re-adoption.

How does a child get a Passport after an Adoption?

You will need the following when the child applies for a passport:

  • Proof of the child's relationship to the American citizen parent. For an adopted child, it is a certified copy of the final adoption decree (and translation if not in English);

  • The child's foreign passport showing the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security (BCIS) I-551 stamp in the passport, or the child's permanent resident card (green card);

  • Proof of identity of the American citizen parent(s)

  • Passport application, passport photographs and fees. Go to Passport Services for forms and full instructions.

What is an Adoption Tax Credit?

The Adoption Tax Credit is great news for many adoptive parents!  It is a federal tax credit that allows many adoptive parents to recoup a significant portion of their adoption expenses!  For the 2019 tax year, adoptive families with modified adjusted gross incomes of up to $211,160.00 should be eligible to receive the full $14,080.00 adoption tax credit! The tax credit completely phases out for families with modified adjusted gross incomes of $241,000.00 or more.

If we are joined in Civil Union should we/do we still need to do an adoption?

While legally it is not required as Illinois law directs that both of your names go on the birth certificate, many professionals recommend gay couples follow up with an adoption to avoid problems that may arise with other states in the future.

We live outside of Cook County, can we still file in Cook County?
Yes, as long as all parties are in agreement you can file in Cook County.

Will we need to have a homestudy done?
No you do not need it.

Can we get started on the adoption before the baby is born?
Typically No, you should wait for the birth of the baby.

We used a known sperm do we have to terminate his parental rights?

Yes, It is very important to to terminate a known donor's parental in court unless the donation was made through a medical facility, separate attorneys were used in representing the parties and the donation agreement was signed prior to the donation.

Once a child is placed with me for adoption, when can I add the child to my insurance?

Parents should add their adopted children to their health insurance immediately upon placement of the child into their home.  Some insurance providers may try to deny coverage of the adopted child insisting that parents provide them with a "final adoption order" before they will add the child. IN MOST CASES this is not true.

Can I Adopt an Adult?

In Illinois the statute says "with respect to an adult, that such adult has resided in the home of the persons intending to adopt him at any time for more than 2 years continuously preceding the commencement of an adoption proceeding, or in the alternative that such persons are related to him within a degree set forth in the definition of a related child" in the Adoption Act. 750 ILCS 50/3.

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